Weddings Celebrations

Licensed in the State of West Virginia to perform wedding ceremonies for opposite and same sex marriages. Prefer to have three (3) meetings with couple prior to ceremony to discuss their wishes of how they would like the ceremony to be done and how the development of their new relationship will evolve from an “I” to an “Us”.

Will officiate ceremonies indoors or outdoors, i.e: in church, home, park, or establishment that accommodates weddings. The intent is for this day will bring many happy and fond future memories.

Cost for three (3) spiritual life coaching meetings, the rehearsal, and wedding ceremony is three hundred dollars ($300) unless travel outside the Eastern Panhandle is required.

Funerals, Celebration of Life, Graveside Services

This is a time to honor the life of the departed individual and to express our condolences and support to the family. When possible, Leigh enjoys meeting the individual before they depart so they can discuss what they would like to be stated, who they would want to speak, if anyone, songs to be sang and if they wish flowers, donations to a charity, tree planted, and any other requests they may have for their final service.

For those times when this is not possible, wishes of the family will be honored. The cost for funeral and Celebration of Life services is two hundred & fifty Dollars ($250). For Graveside Services, cost is one hundred dollars ($100) within the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

Sunday Service

Will substitute for a Minister, Reverend, or Paster upon request. All sermons are on the Love of God, His many blessings, gratefulness, and the importance of forgiveness. If possible, meeting with the regular Minister, Reverend, or Pastor before the scheduled date of appearing before the congregation is most desired. The cost is fifty dollars ($50) within the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

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