When a loved one crosses over, it is a time of grief and confusion. While we may be glad for any suffering for them has ended, we find there is a void in our life. This creates a time where one can decide how to honor the one who departed long term, seize some comfort from memories of that individual, and can also create how they want to envision their life going forward.

While we greatly miss the individual(s) who have crossed over, our life has a purpose as long as we are on this earth. This class will approach the loss of a loved one(s) and explore new beginnings from a spiritual-based perspective.

Explore new beginnings

  1. Remember and honor your loved ones
  2. Who are you now and what is your future?
  3. Create a life to express your joy and wishes

This class will consist of six (6) 1.5 hour sessions over Zoom and will include 10 hours of private one-on-one spiritual life coaching over the phone.

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