Standards of



Our Commitment of Self and Others

What You Can Expect From Us…What We Can Expect From YOU

  1. Establish and maintain a relationship with your Higher Self and the Divine Within.
  2. Create a personal reading / prayer space to meet client’s needs.
  3. Maintain cleanliness of the mind to prevent the ego’s negative actions, such as pride, lust, greed, anger, guilt and attachment.
  4. Always take responsibility for one’s statements and behavior. “As Within So Without”.
  5. Be truthful and deceive no one.
  6. Show kindness and compassion to all. Give / offer assistance to others, when appropriate.
  7. Remain humble and focused on your purpose for this lifetime.
  8. Treat the Earth, plants and animals with respect and obey the Universal Law of Oneness.
  9. Follow the rhythms of nature / rise and retire with the sun.
  10. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the Greater Good.